Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dunkin's it is...

I wake up to a plastic golf club hitting me in the head, followed by a whining yellow labrador.
More whines.
"Ug. What time is it??"
I fumble around alongside the crevice formed between the mattress and bed, search for my cell phone.
"4:41? Orion it's daylight savings time. Go drink some water and entertain yourself. I'm sleeping in."
Twenty minutes later I'm getting a spit bath and I grumble, try for the pillow over my head and give up.
I roll out of bed, a challenge Orion sees as "see if I can eat her toes while she reaches for her glasses" (top blind on my curtain). Then out stumbling to the kitchen, I note the fact my hair must be straight up in the air as I feel a sense of motion with every step, like the tide, in then out, in then out, forward, then back, forward then back.
Propping open the fridge, I sit on the floor. Orion's nose is eye level.
"We have no milk."
"Huh. What should we eat for breakfast?" I look at him. He looks excited as if specifically I'm asking him to select a choice from the fridge not just for me, but for his delightful first meal of the day.
I grab the bag of carrots, grab his coffee cup, and lumber to the bathroom to fill it with the kibble stashed in the linen closet.
Sure enough hair is straight in the air.
Dog bowl full, I slide to the floor to land on his bed watching him eat while I toss carrots in the mouth. Eventually he joins me and I pass off a couple of the off tasting ones.
"It'd be real great if we had a dunkin's in walking distance."
Pass him a carrot.
"Well why don't we go up to Hyde Park then stop at Starbucks on the way home, grab a coffee and scone?"
He agrees.
Moments later we're jogging down the stairs to the car and on our way managing to stretch it out till 6:30 when the light seemed to be turning from moonlight to gee-I-think-I-can-see light. And then, as we're driving down the last street, about to reach our destination, my eyes light up. Could it be? I see a glowing sign at the Shell station "DUNKIN DOUNUTS"
I grab my phone, dial my mother, "MA! I can't believe it but they put a Dunkin's five minutes from my house! It has a giant cup on it and everything!" Her answering machine didn't hold my enthusiasm. We tear a u turn and pull up to the drive thru. I pop up my change drawer (also known as the Dunkin Shrine drawer, with coupons and maps to all the locations in Cincinnati, dead gift cards you name it)
"What are you drinking?" The male voice calls out.
"Oh I have a coupon for.... And can I just say how happy I am you're here? I'm from New England and I'm just THRILLED. Oh and can I have a single munchkin for my 10 month old labrador?"
We pull around, I bond with the drive thru guy who's from New Hampshire's sea coast, get my coffee, get my egg and cheese croissant, and we pull away.
"Orion, you can wake me up any day if we discover a new Dunkin's...."
And on we went for our walk.

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