Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sick call

"Hi Molly, this is Carrie, from The Pet Spot."
"Yeah, I was just calling because we just brought Orion up from daycare."
Oh geez, what'd he get in to...
"Because he has a hole in his shoulder..."
Great, finally pissed off a dog enough he got chewed on..
"It doesn't look like a dog bite, because those are usually triangular..."
Hum, could my missing razor have done that?
Me: "Ok.."
Should I go pick him up?
"We wanted to see if it was okay if we just ran him up to the vet, because it is a hole."
Damn. What am I working tomorrow? The vet's already closed today.
"Is he bleeding?"
"No, but we didn't think it should go un looked at; I could have a tech bring him down, and it's covered up to $500 dollars as a part of day care..."
Oh, how nice. Maybe I don't have to sort anything out then.
"How's he seem?"
"Totally fine. Could care less."
Yep. That's my dog.
"Sure, that'd be great."
"And I'll give you a call afterwards to let you know how it went."
Fantastic, what good customer service.
"Great, thank you for calling."
I am now officially a parent.

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