Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cans in the rain.

It's six thirty am. We walk outside to the pouring rain and the dark sky of an early fall morning.
"Go pee Orion," I say, making sure to hang on to his leash so he doesn't attempt to eat the cat poo from yesterday.
"Hey!" a voice calls into the rain.
I look up, around, across the street my eyes land on a short black guy with a Boston Red Sox hat on.
"You dog, he pees like a girl."
I look at Orion squatting in front of me.
"Yeah. He does."
"When he grows up he'll pee like a man."
"I suppose so." The guy is poking through the trash.
"You looking for cans?" I ask.
"Okay, I'll go get you mine." I loop back inside to collect my recyclable bag.
Orion and I cross the street. Orion attempts to kiss the guy's face. It's still dark. It's still rainy.
"He's just a little guy."
"Yep. Just shy of a year."
"He has room to grow."
"That he does. He's suppose to get up to 90 pounds."
"Yeah. Sure thing. What's his name?"
"Orion. Like the constellation in the sky. Yours?"
"Well hi David. I'm Molly." Quiet pause. Rain's dripping off my hat.
"Well we're going back in."
"Thanks for the cans."

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