Saturday, November 5, 2011


He only stops moving when I'm washing the dishes.
I'm RE-washing dishes.
He is lying for the first time in four hours, peacefully on his bed. Nevermind I tried a bone, a bone in a kong, a trick toy, time outside where I laid in the fall leaves and he sprinted around me until one of his crazy loops wrapped his leash around the tree and he snapped his leash in his enthusiastic run back to me... He needs day care like a crack addict needs some crack. I'm just going to bring him to his buddy Oliver's house. The scabs healed. Yeah, so technically the staple's still there but he's nuts. He needs some intervention.
I've caught him TWICE up on the table.
Sigh. I have the lights out hoping he'll get the hint it's snuggle time. But no, he just ran in from the kitchen with my wool sock in his mouth, proud as proud can be.
As if I wasn't tired from the day at work anyways... damn lucky he's cute.
Did I mention he ate poop while we were outside too?

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