Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Conversations with my dog

"Orion, we have to come up with some kind of job that you get to join me in," I say as we walk through the woods.
"Truck driver. I could do that. You could be a professional ride-a-long dog." Trot, trot.
"Humm. If I ever got to be an illustrator that would work, but we know how that's going. Maybe an architect--if I build my own firm you could come be at my office. Maybe I could be a landscaper. I guess that means librarian is out since I doubt I'll find a place where you're aloud in."
Pause in thought.
"I would've been a great trust fund baby."


"Orion, did you know you're my first dog?" He continues in front of me down the path.
"That means you'll be in the history books. You're kind of like Barack Obama since he was the first black president."


"So what do you think?" I ask, holding up my two pairs of jeans. "I haven't gone out in a long time. I don't know which ones I should wear." I set them on the floor to get my shirt choices. Turning, I see Orion peeing on one pair.

"So you think I should go with the other pair then huh?"


"Those are Canadian Geese. They mate for life. They also have some pretty cool concepts of camaraderie. They can also be rather aggressive. And they're big. You probably don't want to take one on till you're your full size. Just saying."

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