Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just noting

We play in the tub for awhile. Wool socks, college sweatpants, a green tank top, hair askew, we hop right in. Orion digs for China, while I sing songs. We slide down the edges, we flop on the ground. I build a tunnel out of myself and Orion goes through. I chew on his toes, while he chews on mine. We talk about what we can do tonight for fun. Eventually, I hop out to brush my teeth and he chases his tail in the now spacious tub. Then we go to my room and play on my bed. I'm ever watchful as he has peed on my blankets before. Tonight, he has more interest in discoveries. He discovers my hair ties, looped around the door knob, using his needle teeth to pull with such enthusiasm he nearly falls off the bed. I write his blog, until he samples the edge of my computer, the paper towel roll that tosses around in bed with me, the window shades, the car keys, the toes, oh the toes.
"Perhaps it is time for that chew toy," I say, gently depositing him on the floor.
He has been sick for a week and I am ever grateful to see his upbeat self. As I watched him sleep last night, I repeatedly thanked him for getting better--as I chugged Tylenol for my own fever.
"Orion, have I told you today that you're the best thing that's happened to me?"
He just keeps huffing and puffing as he sleeps.
It was cold in the living room last night, and I tucked a blanket over him to keep him warm, tucking him in.
Tonight, he peacefully chomps away on his rawhide, in a tiny corner of my closet. I suspect he likes the closeness the closet creates, just as he enjoys sleeping under the futon in the living room. I wonder at what point I should allow him free access at night. We have spent the last few nights in the living room, me tucking my five foot eight frame across the futon (folded up), while he snores z's beneath me. On occasion, Orion would surprise me and curl by my legs, a treat that had me continuing to snooze in the living room just for the chance to have my snuggle dog, but this dog tonight is more apt to chew me than snuggle me.
He has left the closet and prowls about.
As usual, I'm curious what he will find to entertain himself.

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  1. Oh Mol, he is getting so big! I'm so glad you have each other. I read some of your older posts to Paul on Sunday. He was asking me if I had gotten any new Orion pictures.