Monday, March 21, 2011


This dog has my heart.
I step in to the shower, tugging at my braids to unravel them as my head is soaked by a steady stream of water. I left Orion out in the kitchen to finish his dinner, which he seemed scarcly interested in after downing two bowls of water. I need to get him a rabbit water bottle for his crate I think.
Suddenly, a little yellow head pokes his head around the shower curtain at the opposite end and lets out a sharp bark. I'm not so sure I like you in there Mum, he seems to say.
"Oh Orion, you know you don't like these, go finish your food," I say back as I watch him snatch at the streams of water blasting his head.
I close my eyes and tilt my head back, snapping them open when I feel something against my leg.
I laugh, tossing my hands into the air as my lovable four legged pal tumbles into the tub and lands beside me.
"Well hello then."
He wanders at the end of the tub, snatching bottles of shampoo off the sides, chasing them down the tub. When I look again he's gone.
"Oh great, I have a soaking labrador wandering my apartment," I comment to the sky.
And then he's back, tumbling back in, convinced my shaving cream is his new best friend. Surely he can't get his teeth around that, I think, but then he's out of the tub, shaving cream firmly in his mouth.
"Orion, that's compressed air. I don't know what will happen if your needle teeth puncture that!" I say, jumping out after him.
I finish my tub, dry off, catch him, dry him off. Wonder how it is that I am out of linen AGAIN, brush my teeth and see him back in the tub, chasing his tail.
Well, I wanted a shower dog...

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