Sunday, March 20, 2011


"Orion, I have to take a bath. You hate me taking baths so you should probably go out of the bathroom." I say as I begin to peel off my clothes.
"You have got to stop chewing on me," I pull my leg away from him. "What is it? You used up all your wonderful doggieness this weekend visiting the relatives and now you're back to crazy dog?"
He whips his head back and forth with my bath matt in his teeth.
"Gee, thanks for the help with interior decorating."
I mentioned to a friend we should go for a walk. She asked to go at 3:30. I was hoping for 9:30 AM. As I watch Orion terrorize a paper towel tube, I'm skeptical he'll make it that long.
"Orion, give them to me!" I say tugging my underwear from his death grip.
"Since when did you get into underwear?" I say still pulling.
"FINE! Have them!" I give up. He trots out of the bathroom, tripping over my underwear dangling from his mouth.
"They're probably not healthy for you!" I shout after him.
But he is gone, somewhere in the apartment. I shake my head, and step into the tub.

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