Thursday, March 10, 2011

Four Weeks?

I do believe it's true. Orion and I have been hanging out for four weeks. Crazy. That's four weeks of not sleeping full nights too. Amazing I'm standing. So with no further adieu...

1. I could watch him chase his tail for hours and still be smiling (well, except for when he cracks his head spinning circles too close to the wall.)

2. We have reached an agreement that he will sleep two hours if I give him a nice long walk.

3. He is learning to fetch, but sometimes misses the point, chases the ball, then leaves it there.

4. He loves raw hide squares. LOVES them.

5. He can peer into the toilet now = he is getting taller.

6. I have not had a moment to myself where I could do something without him asking for my attention.

7. That's fair game considering I got him for the pay-attention-to-me and love-me-unconditionally concepts.

8. He likes to carry his leash in his mouth while going on walks.

9. He loves people.

10. I love giving him hugs when he's all sleepy tired.

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